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CoQ10 Infused Whole Food Energy Bar

The Char's Q10bars Story

When our son Charlie was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) at age 11 we were told it was likely  due to a combination of too much junk food and genetics.  Char's Gastroenterologist explained that IBS was a result of the gut, brain, and nervous system getting out of balance.  He recommended a CoQ10 regime to help reset Char's gut.  After much research we found that CoQ10 was available in a liquid, powder, or gummy and despite trying each of these, Char would not take the supplements because they tasted bad.  He would rather suffer through his IBS symptoms than eat something that tasted bad and made him feel worse.  That's when we went on a mission to find a better way to deliver Char's CoQ10 and Char's Q10bar was created.  Now, Char eats several bars a week and his IBS symptoms have improved tremendously!  Mom has one every morning and has found that it helps her digestion and Dad eats one every morning for energy and focus.  There is simply nothing else like Char's Q10bar and we hope your family benefits from Char's Q10bar as much as we have!  What's your CharsQ10Bars story?

CharsQ10bars - CoQ10 Infused Whole Food Energy Bar

Char's Q10 Bars Box of 8 Bars

Char's Q10 Bars - Chocolate Cherry Almond.  Box of 8 Bars

Whole Food Energy Bars infused with 20 mg of CoQ10.  Cellular energy to support heart, brain, and gut health and overall wellbeing.  Made with dates, cherries, chocolate, almonds, egg whites, and extra virgin coconut oil.  No artificial additives.

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